Currently Wearing – DIY “Run Happy” Tank

runhappy3My husband will tell you that my closet is ridiculous, I know, it’s a problem. And the workout clothes, well hello I make them, so I have an equal amount of ridiculousness going on in both realms. For awhile my closet and drawers were busting at the seams, and it’s not that I’m ALWAYS shopping (insert husband’s voice), but I kind of hoard clothes. I had some stuff since high school y’all, just stuff I couldn’t and wouldn’t let go of, but earlier this year, first week of January to be exact, this little gal took a vow. NO SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES FOR A YEAR. No exceptions, and trust me every sale of every item I have ever wanted is happening right now, that would seem only right. I not only gave up shopping, but I did something else really crazy too, I cleaned my closet the F’out. I literally gave myself permission to have under 100 items total, and for a collector, as I like to call myself, well jeeze, there it all went. Surprisingly though I didn’t go completely bananas. At first it was a little stressful because I felt so connected to  things that I purposefully held onto that  I envisioned all these scenarios where I’d “need” whatever I was throwing out and I’d get kinda tense. But then I was like get over it Nadine, its stupid stuff;  you need water, food and shelter, not this crap,

throw. it. out.

and throw it out I did. Well not like in the trash, all donated, re-sold,  done and done. I have to say its felt pretty amazing and I’m proud of myself. Everything I have in my closet I love, it fits, and it feels really good to feel confident like that. There’s no excess and that is sucha sweet feeling. It’s already almost March and so far so good, I’m surprised at my non-existent..kinda..desire to shop.

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Occasionally though I get an inkling for something new so I get to crafting. Recently I had a desire to re-vamp an old tank top of mine into something that would make me smile just a bit brighter on my run. This DIY is super easy and quick.

You’ll Need:




Heat & Bond (you can find this at any craft store)

Old Tee



material you want your wording to be

ABCs stencils if you don’t like your hand lettering

First you’ll need to measure out where you want your lettering to go on the shirt. No need to get super exact right now, you just want an idea of the center of the shirt. Mark off this area with some pins.


Now to heat and bond your material. Depending on how big your letters are going to be will tell you how much material you’ll need. I think my piece was a little over 14×14 inches. It wasn’t huge by any means, since I knew my letters weren’t going to be that big. Follow the directions on your heat n’bond package. Basically you just iron the stick-um side to the back side of your material which will fuse the two together leaving you with a removable sticker on the back of the material.
Whatever you do, do not remove the sticker yet. It won’t ruin anything but it can just make this easy project a pain in the ass. I just wanted to show you all what it would look like.

Ok, so now you have this giant material patch, so get to scribbling (pencil only). I hand wrote my letters, but feel free to use a stencil, or whatever you want, it doesn’t even have to be lettering! The possibilities are endless. Again don’t get hung up on exactness, unless you’re using a stencil, the letters aren’t going to all be the exact same size but that’s what I love about this. Once all your letters are drawn out, cut them and lay them out over your shirt. Pin them down to keep them from moving around everywhere. When you’re happy with the layout go ahead and remove the sticker backing and iron them down.
I would recommend doing one at a time so as to not mess up your layout. That’s it!! You now have a radical gym, running, cycling, whatever you want shirt. Enjoy!!


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