In the Kitchen: “Daterade”

I had some friends/family members ask about the Daterade recipe I had experimented with and shared on my IG a few days ago. I seriously take zero credit for this recipe, but I can’t find the genius who invented it, a few searches on Pinterest and it’s like take your pick. So to the creator of this amazingly delicious creation: thank you forever and may you be honored some day.

I love dates, and even if you don’t, like my husband, I promise this pitcher full will be gone in a heartbeat. Our first pitcher didn’t even last 10mins, and there’s just two of us y’all. This is now my go to post work out drink. I’ve been doing a lot of circuit and hiit type exercises and this drink really gives me back all the energy that gets zapped out of me afterwards. I’m typically a post work out drink type of person, I get sick with too much in my stomach before hand, but I think this combo is fantastic as a pre work out drink too, just sayin’.
Gatorade and all those other colorful power drinks are way too sweet and artificial tasting, like salty-syrupy kool aid, but as a distance runner it’s one of those drinks that has always been a go to, to restore depleted and much needed energy. This Daterade though, puts those drinks to shame. Seriously give it a go, try it, it’s super easy and I promise it tastes way better than you think it does.

I tweaked a recipe I saw into the following posted below, BUT if you want it sweeter add in more dates (original recipe calls for 8, too sweet for me) feel free to dilute with water if you find it too sweet still.

3-4 pitted dates
1/2 banana frozen or not, doesn’t matter. I add in the banana because I need and like the potassium for my muscles, especially after a run or an ass kicking vinyasa class. If you are watching your sugar intake or just hate bananas omit it, no big deal.
1 1/2 cups ice
2-4 cups of water, this is all dependent on how not sweet you want it. I usually add 3 1/2 which once all blended is about a pitcher full.

Blenderize all this goodness till smooth. Should be watery with some froth, not thick, if it’s too thick add more water. Take a big glass and add a little ice, pour and enjoy. And then tell me how awesome you feel.


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