Training: Injury

I know about a month or two ago I wrote about my little mishap with the road. Experienced my first ever face plant to asphalt which left me a bit banged up and out a few days from running. Well, I guess that injury was prepping me for what was in store.

I ran my second marathon this past December and it was incredible! I beat my last year’s time by over half an hour, I followed my run/walk time to a T, I wasn’t in bad shape afterwards; it was just a damn good run. But, at mile 23 I noticed something was off with my left foot. It wasn’t anything that alarmed me right away, it felt like a sharp tenderness on the outside of my left foot, almost like a sprain but it only hurt when I put pressure on it. I finished the race and didn’t think much of it. When I walked it wasn’t bothersome, so I figured it was just a natural soreness, to be expected, you did just run 26 miles.

I took the next day off and went back to running the day after and that’s where things went wrong. The pain on the outside of my left foot was pretty bad. Every foot plant just ached, so what did this stubborn runner do you may ask? Surely stop running right? Nope…
I continued to run all lopsided to compensate for the pain and I did that for the entire run, and this continued on for a few days. Genius I know. What can I say, sometimes I make some really bad life choices. I ended up having a very tiny itty bitty stress fracture on the outside of my foot, which caused, due to my incessistant, lop sided running, a pain in my knee that was beyond any pain I have felt since I fractured my finger in junior high, and according to doc and my husband coach, it was actually my IT band. The pain that soon came on during my runs was enough to make my cry. Literally, just stop running and cry. It’s like your knee wants to explode. Pretty soon I couldn’t even run a mile. After 7 years of running almost every day, I had go stop.

I don’t think i have ever cried so hard about something like that. Being told no, you can’t run you have to rest felt like the end of the world. It’s my therapy, my passion, my solitude, my me-time what the hell am I going to do?!? But mostly I was just angry with myself. Had I stopped running and taken a good break after race day I don’t think I’d be in the situation I am in now. It sucks.

Healing can sometimes be so much harder than training, it’s hard to not do something you want to do. I have promised that I will never complain about a tough run ever again ha!

BUT there is totally a positive side to all of this; Yoga. I stopped running for a good while and have literally been yogaing all day everyday. It’s been nice to do something different and train my body in ways that I neglected before. And who knows maybe this will all help the process to becoming a stronger, faster runner. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I have been using oils for my IT band along with some serious stretching and icing after long walks. The break has been nice, but man I am hungry for some distance!! I am currently back to running 3miles tops’on run days, so slowly but surely I am getting there. Trying to look at this time for healing the way I do a marathon, slow and steady.

You never know what life will bring to the table. So do every day with lots of love and passion!! And ALWAYS listen to your body, injury is preventable but you have to check in with yourself and know when to stop.


4 thoughts on “Training: Injury

  1. erica rose bertero says:

    Hey girl – I wasn’t a regular runner, but I was definitely a regular worker-outter – ha ha – I had found a cross-training/boot camp type of program that I fell in love with and attended for well over a year – every MON/WED/FRI at 6am. In March of 2012 – my family and I went camping for a week – swimming, hiking, bike rides, dancing, kayaking – you name it, we did it. on the very last day of the trip, while packing the car, all we needed to load was 2 bikes. I was holding one of the bikes – and I slipped on the road with the bike underneath me. All of my weight was forced onto my right knee. I tore it open, along with my toes and hands. I had NEVER had any kind of injury like this before that day (I’m in my 30s) – I had grown up an athlete, was super active – and I had never hurt myself.
    I had to get x-rays, and MRI, and then was told – no exercise.

    I felt exactly like you did. It was awful. I had worked so hard to make fitness a part of my schedule, a part of my being.

    BUT – I know now – if that accident hadn’t happened – I’m not sure if I’d have yoga in my life now. I started yoga as physical therapy to gain use of my knee again.

    And the rest is history! I wan’t to become a more regular runner (what do you do on days like today – rain and cold – and I don’t own a treadmill) – and of course, a more regular yogi 🙂

    how many run days do you have a week, by the way? the running program I am going to start is 4 days a week.

    talk to ya soon!

    • mannuellanadine says:

      Thanks for sharing girl!! Injury sucks, but sometimes it can def open up the way to other and different opportunities :). I try and run as often and as much as I can, but right now ive been focusing on healing, yoga, and different forms of cardio. We will chat soon!!! Xoxox

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