Training – Stumble, Fall, and Keep Going


So here’s something I haven’t really talked about; injury. This past Tuesday I was out for a run. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, it was literally like the stars were aligned..well sorta. Weather was gorgeous, I was super well rested, warmed up, and literally subbing 8:30 min miles the whole time. Perfect.  Oh and every song on Pandora; my jam.

It was just the best day to run, ever. Mile six came along, and BAM..face to asphalt. I must have hit a hump on the road and just tripped over my feet. I  embarrassingly tried to over correct myself and save my fall, nope. I used my hands to break the fall, and attempted the whole roll to your side thing, and then I felt it…my left knee, my crap knee..comes right on to the street. UH!!! I skid a bit, tore up my shoulder a little, it was sad. I spewed out a little f-bomb, stood up, shook of the gravel, and attempted to “run it off”.

I got through one last mile run/limping before I gave into the horrible bubble I was feeling in my knee. I walked/dragged my leg the 2 miles back home which gave me plenty of time for worry and paranoia to set in. I made it home, whined to my husband who scolded me for not calling, ( I know, I know) he cleaned me up, and got some ice on my knee.  I couldn’t really bend it all, which made me sort of freak out more.


Puffy knee post 1hr icing. Ew.



Current healing skid marks!


Luckily though with ice, lots and lots of ice, some restorative yoga and some serious rest, apparently sleep can do amazing things, I felt strong in my knee again. I got in some good walks, and was able to complete 18 miles on Sunday!!!! (easy, easy, easy running).

I am so so so lucky that this wasn’t worse, but honestly I’ve never felt so much pain in my knee ever. It sucked, I got scared, but I have to stay focused on mindful training and keep on moving forward. There are always set backs in training,  in life, but you have to keep going right? 🙂

Thanks for reading!!




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