Getting Strong


I’ve been a little late on the draw with getting that Colorado Springs post up, getting there though I promise. I’ve just been busy in the sweat shop, as my husband calls it, sewing, cutting, and designing away! We’ve been working hard to get the line ready for the holidays, maybe even sooner (fingers crossed). It’s been a whole lot of trial and error, and testing, really that kind of stuff never ends, but things are progressing and I seriously couldn’t be more excited. It’s amazing to see ideas and dreams come into fruition, I’ve been pretty awe-struck.

Asides from all that business though I wanted to talk a little about strength, and not just the physical kind. Yoga has led me to find a sense of inner strength I never knew existed. A strength that guides me through really good days and really bad ones. I’ve never felt so open to the energy around and within me, and I’ve never felt so capable. Strength I’ve learned, is not so much about our physical nature, but rather moving into a place of grace; moving beyond what we just see.

Through my daily practice I’ve realized that not every transition is pretty, and that every time I hit the mat is not a great day. Some days I feel down right weak, crappy, blah.

This is grace. This is strength.

Grace is Moving through the crap, through the grit, and not giving up, second guessing, judging, waiting, or blaming. Grace is accepting yourself, accepting your practice, and flowing on. Strength is and has always been present, it’s just getting past thinking it’s not.
Thanks for reading!!


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