Transitioning in more ways than one.

So lately I’ve been practicing a lot on my transitions in yoga, and in life in general. A lot of new amazingly awesome things are happening right now for me, and though they are awesome, they’re still BIG Things…big changes. Sometimes even when things are wonderful and good they can be overwhelming. I have a tendency to let my mind fly with all the stuff, I get carried away. I used to think letting my thoughts center around the idea of future things was no big deal, but realizing how much anxiety that can bring really forced me to slow down, and to take each day full on, completely open to every moment. The concept of slowing down has been pretty much non-existent for me, nearly impossible, but when I learn to breathe and focus on the now, things become so much clearer, so much more tangible and accessible. Even those future things.

In my practice I’ve been focusing on breathing with each movement, and transitioning my body and my thoughts from one pose to the next. It hasn’t been easy by any means, but my mind has felt clearer; and the future, though exciting and intimidating all at once, will come when it comes and I feel open to where that may lead.



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