Arm Balances

When I started my yoga journey earlier this year, a big challenge for me was arm strength. I would look at a pose like Bakasana, attempt it, only to literally fall flat on my face and lay there in defeat. It was frustrating realizing how weak my arms were, how incapable I was of even doing a push-up. But I kept trying and didn’t let the reality of my sad upper body strength keep me down. If I wanted to get better, I’d have to keep at it. So I tried every week to get into crow pose, and within time I felt myself lifting higher and higher, and the day I nailed it you can’t even imagine the happy dance I had going on, I think our neighbors thought I was crazy!! I still have work to do with that pose, but the fact that I can lift myself up with my arms is pretty damn satisfying.

With that progress though, I knew I had to keep going, to keep challenging and pushing myself. I’ve always looked at these asanas as gateways to the next level; a journey to a deeper stretch, a longer balance, or opportunities for more profound self discovery.
Learning to lift myself in crow pose has led me to try to lift myself in side crow pose, and for a few brief moments attempt extended side crow. These past few days I’ve been able to enter into a deep twist and lift! So I’m feeling pretty excited and wanted to share with you all. The first photo was from yesterday morning so I was feeling strong and warmed up for the day, I couldn’t believe how long I was extended for, it felt kind of unreal. The second little series is of later that day, side crow was comfortable to get into, but man I must have been worn out because I couldn’t quite stretch my legs out too much for that full extension, but I tried!! Now to rest, my arms feel like jello. I hope y’all enjoy, and if you ever want pointers or videos about how I get into this pose let me know, I haven’t done video in awhile!
Thanks for reading!


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