Yoga – Transitions

Ok, ok I know I haven’t gotten my Mexico travelogue post up yet, I’m working on it! We have another mini trip to Colorado this weekend so I’m hoping to get on it and get that segment up.
I have been getting a lot of yoga done which has been incredible. Like running though, some days are harder than others in yoga, but I find when I practice, that I make peace with the good and the bad. It just is. Today for example started with hip opening exercises, a 6 mile run, post hip opening exercises again, and some major stretchy stretchy time. I found myself at the end of my practice upside down. It tends to happen a lot, and I thought to myself about hugging my balance with my legs. I wondered if I could wrap myself around the moment of stillness and just be there and this happened.
I was really happy! It felt good to be so still, so stable.
Hope y’all enjoy the mini video. That travelogue is coming, promise!




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