Side Projects + Dream Following

I’ve been working at getting my latest travelogue post up, and hopefully before weeks’ end it’ll be ready. We have another trip coming up so with planning, a mini family reunion this weekend, and volunteer work here and there the week is already long gone! Grateful though for busy days.
I thought I’d share a bit more on my side project; my big dream, big picture stuff. ( I have a really stupid smile right now, that’s how excited I am just writing about it). This stuff takes time right, so I’ve been slowly chiseling away at it. I’ve messed around with a few concept pieces, just to see how they move and flow with the body, and how they’ll hold up to sweat, sand and surf. It’s coming along and I really can’t wait!! Here are a few snaps of an earlier piece, my go-with-the-flow singlet and everyday bandeau.
Thanks for reading!


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