Fitness – Progress!

Apparently I never really got around to updating you all on my handstand progress, that whole May-I-Handstand Challenge. Well I freakin did it. I honestly kind of can’t believe it still; I mean don’t get me wrong, I face plant pretty hard some days, but 6 tries out of 10 I’m rocking that inversion y’all.  I went from barely being able to do one full push up, to standing around upside down in a month’s time (and that’s with still being relatively new to full-time yoga practice, I’m talking 5 months). It’s insane what practice, persistence, and patience can do, because that’s all it was, and never giving up, or wallowing in self-doubt, even when it all seems so impossible.

Someone told me once, you just gotta let go of the wall, just let go, and I did. I was scared but I did it, and I’ve come to realize we grow most when we are afraid, when we look our fears in the face, and step into the unknown. It’s not easy by ANY means, but it is so worth it.
For me this accomplishment isn’t just hand standing, it’s about getting over it (whatever is holding you back) and doing it (sucking it up and being brave) because when else am I going to? Plus, I’m the type of person that writes out a bunch of goals I want to try to reach/do before my birthday. Seems silly but it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Since my 23 birthday I’ve been doing this and you really start looking at the years differently. You see them as measurements of life lived, not just days passed. You remember the birthdays by milestones and accomplishments, and I think that’s pretty dang special; plus it can get ya to do some crazy shit you would probably never ever do ever EVER, like shark dive. Although that hasn’t necessarily cured me of the fear, but i did it.

Hand standing was one of those mini goals for me for this upcoming birthday, but with getting through that goal, I was reminded about fear and how it pushes us, either towards or away from something. I hope that it motivates you to plunge forward, cautiously, but openly into a better version of you.
Oh and here’s a race day picture from last weekend. I volunteer with an organization called Dress for Success. They are a national group that helps to empower women and guide them to success in the workforce. We aim to build in them the confidence to begin building or rebuilding their careers, and provide them with the tools and opportunities to succeed in the workplace, which of course it totally awesome!! It was our local chapter’s first annual 5k power walk so my aunt, mom, and I all walked for a cause. (Forgive the slimy over-heated face we had been there since 5am ish setting up). It was a beautiful day to walk it out.

Thanks for reading! Updates soon with a June race hopefully, fingers crossed!


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