Yoga – May-I-Begin-Yoga Challenge Days 26, 28-31

I can’t believe May has come to an end, but it has and so has this month’s challenge. I had so much fun getting back to some of the basics, even though some of them still aren’t so basic for me. A lot of these poses become the fundamentals that allow your body to gain strength, power, and focus to attempt bigger challenges. I have noticed such a huge change mentally and physically in myself since beginning this month and really devoting 100% to my practice. I’m excited to take my flows to the next level and see what June holds! Maybe another challenge? But I do have new projects in the works and hopefully I’ll be able to share with you all soon!!

Day 26, pictured above, was eight angle pose. Since first attempting this pose earlier this month, I’ve fallen in love. I really like the lift I get, it’s fun and makes me feel like a kid again; oh and my nieces think I look cool, which duh, makes me like it more! This pose requires arm balance and strength, so don’t get frustrated with first try fails, just get use to strengthening your wrists and forearms by positioning yourself into the pose and leaning into it slowly rather than jumping into the lift. Be aware of your wrists and fingertips, don’t push it.
Day 28 plow pose. I really enjoy this pose because it rolls out my neck in the most amazing way. With work my neck always feels super stressed, so rolling on to it gently in this pose helps get those kinks out.
Day 29 flip yo dog. This pose is fun, whether you land it or not, it’s just fun. I like doing a high leg lift and a slow twist, and flip; I don’t rush into it. Slow and steady right?’
Day 30 head stand prep!! Some days I feel like a head stand master and it’s all because of some serious practice in this pose. Keep your feet on the ground until you feel strong enough to play with lifting. I like to walk my feet in and out to develop strength in the core. Use a blanket underneath your feet if you feel too much of a stretch in your legs.
Day 31 easy pose. Namaste y’all!!

Thanks for reading!!


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