Yoga – May-I-Begin-Yoga Challenge Days 17-25, 27

Beginner’s yoga update! I have days 17-25 ready along with 27. Day 26 will be shared later, oh and day 24, the splits…yea, that needs some serious work! BUT, I’m getting it. Hoping to do the splits and handstand by my 27th birthday, keeping my fingers crossed and practicing everyday.
Day 17 was triangle pose. I absolutely love the twist in this pose, it really pushes out all the air in your lungs and I think helps trim the waist a bit. Don’t mind the face, clearly I have “bitch face” when I exercise, or struggling to not fall over.
Day 18 is hard to do, especially when your hammies are as tight as rocks most days. Uh, but I’ve noticed a huge improvement since February-ish so I’m stoked about that.
Day 19 is pictured above at the beginning. I have to say I was surprised I could do this pose. I’ve never tried it before so I was really happy with the stretch. I found I really enjoyed planking for a few seconds, rotating into a side plank, and pulling my leg up into this pose in order to work the core. I did this routine a few times to work on my abs a bit.
Day 20 upward facing dog. I try hard to focus on looking straight ahead and letting my shoulders drop. It’s hard to relax those muscles when you’re trying so hard to use them to stabilize yourself. Focusing on my breathing and letting my shoulders open helps make this pose feel more natural and easy.
Day 21 Raised Arms Pose. Inhale, exhale, and let go.
Day 22 laying hamstring pulls. I try to do this stretch everyday. Running makes my hamstrings tight and getting into this stretch not only relaxes all the tension in those muscles, but it also helps stretch out my lower back and hip area.
Day 23 Tree Pose. This was the first pose I learned, and is still one of my favorites. Keeping your balance like this is harder than it looks, especially with a clouded mind. I love how balanced I can feel in this pose when I clear my thoughts.
Day 24…I’m working on it.
Day 25 Half Moon Pose. This pose really forces me to work on my balance each and every time. I enjoy the natural tilt that comes from the waist, like your body just wants to open and drop this way without forcing it too.
Day 26 will be posted later!
Day 27 is side plank. Great upper body strength builder and ab maker. This is my go to pose for building my upper body which is no where near what it was just this past December. I mean I can do push ups now y’all! Side plank works miracles.
Thanks for reading! More updates soon!


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