Yoga – May-I-Handstand ?!?!

Ok, ok I know you’re thinking, what?! Another challenge, really? But you guys, I just found about this challenge floating around and I had to jump on it! I want to handstand in a healthy, natural, I kick-ass-way so bad I can taste it!! I couldn’t resist this month’s extra challenge, excited to see where things are at come day 31.

Because I’m a little behind, I decided to do a mash up of days 1-5. It’s important to see these days as daily exercises. In order to really prepare the body for something as amazing as total inversion we have to make sure we’re strong enough to lift ourselves up naturally. I like to take each day and build upon the next, taking time to go through every exercise. Handstands are a huge weak point for me, so bear with me, I’m not good at these practices by any means, but we have to start somewhere.
Day 1 was shoulder presses, adding a bit more weight each time to strengthen shoulders.
Day 2 was Bandha work, learning to let the spine relax naturally and then contracting the core to flatten the spine creating strength to lift later on.
Day 3 was toe lift. Not only is this a fantastic stretch but it builds strength in the pads of the fingers which are very important when it comes to inverting. I can’t lift too much right now in this position, my backs tightens up, but one day at a time.
Day 4 was all about working the back muscles because a strong back is a healthy back. I like to use resistance bands bringing them behind my back and in front of my chest to get a nice mini back workout.

Day 5 is mini lift. Totally not good at these but I can feel my arms and back getting stronger. One leg lifts waaaay better than the other; story of my life. Remember to keep the legs as straight as possible, and do not really let the bottom leg lift any higher than waist height if you’re a beginner. Two inches off the ground is a good rule of thumb.
Thanks for reading, hope you guys enjoy! Here’s to a future filled with handstands!


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