Yoga – May-I-Begin-Yoga Challenge

New month, new challenge. I’m really excited about this one because it’s all about really getting into beginners’ poses. Like I had explained last month, these challenges are usually hash-tagged on Instagram and are started by a group of master yogis that are pretty much on that Cirque du Soleil level. No really, I’m not exaggerating, it’s insane what they can do, it’s literally like magical, beautiful, acrobatic yoga. It gives me googly eyes just thinking about, and makes my back hurt.

I decided though to not only follow and post these challenges daily on my Instagram, but also to share them on my blog, the more the merrier I figure, plus I think it’s a great opportunity to try yoga if you haven’t, or make it a regular practice if you’re up for that next step. I’ll be posting my daily challenges on Instagram so feel free to follow along on there, but I will also do weekly catch up’s on the blog.

Day 1 is pictured above, downward dog. The base pose to almost every flow in yoga I know; do enough of them for extended sets of time and it will burn so good. I can’t think of a better all over stretch for your body. Always keep your focus on the stretch and not so much on having to get your hands or feet flat, it’ll happen in time. Don’t let the shoulders or back drop in too much either that’s bad news for your rotary cuffs. Just breathe in deep, keep the back flat, and stretch. Enjoy the playful pull and reenergize your spirit with this pose. I enjoy doing a few of these first thing in the morning to wake up, alternating with child’s pose in-between.
Day 2 revolved half moon isn’t as easy as it looks I’ll admit, but man it’s a great way to work on balance. Balance is a core component to strength and practicing this pose on both sides will help develop a greater sense of balance, and core strength. You can use a block to help make this pose more comfortable, and also bend slightly at the knees to relieve any tension on the hammies. I love/hate this pose, it kicks my butt.

Thanks for reading!! Hope you guys are stoked for some yoga!


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