Yoga – The Last of Yoga-to-the-Core

What better way to end April than with some yoga to the core challenges. Like I had mentioned last post, the poses got harder, and I didn’t think sharing all those videos of me face planting on the internet would be the best idea. Apparently, you can really mess yourself up doing yoga, especially moves you have no right to even be attempting. Kneeing yourself in the face, especially right around the lip area on failed hand stands is pretty common, oh and knocking the wind out of yourself…fun. Not pretty. But I tried, failed,Β and tried again, and came up with two last videos to share.

I’m pretty proud of both. This was actually the first time I attempted 8 angle pose so I was stoked to have felt this comfortable in a pose like this first try; and finally for my big finale, I attempted and successfully got into a somewhat proper head stand. It’s important to never jump into a head or hand stand, but instead to let the strength of your core lift and uncurl your body naturally. Using momentum leads to all sorts of busted lips and twisted neck problems. It takes a lot of patience, seriously, a lot, and of course practice. I was happy I could do it over and over again, I even attempted to get into a small pincha at the end of the video. I can’t wait till I can do hand stands like this, it makes me excited to see progress!! Now on to the month of May, and some new challenges.

P.S clearly I sometimes just stop drop and yoga in my scrubs after work. That is how badly I need to just yoga some days.

Thanks for reading!!!


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