Yoga – Yoga-to-the-Core Challenge Days 8, 9, 10,11,12 & 13

Ok finally catching up here, but I’m gonna be honest..these last few days, these poses have gotten kinda out of my league, more so than they obviously already were. So I’ve tried my best, failed, and tried again. There won’t be as many videos for these next few challenges because, well, videos of me falling and eating it hard, albeit funny, are still kind of embarrassing.
These challenges were fun though, mostly because they incorporated a lot of Pilates, and I love me some Pilates. Day 12 was kinda nixed, but y’all I can’t really do the splits that well, it’s sad to see me kinda split and fall over on side. So that day got skipped…
Day 8 was all about the backbend. I have to tell you I love this pose, it’s such a good stretch for you back, chest, and shoulders. I tried to make it into a little mini flow, it was fun. I’m always down for some dog-flipping.

Day 9, pictured above, was warrior III. This pose is always a great way to lengthen the core, and a fantastic way to find balance. It’s a deceiving pose because it seems so simple, but it’s amazing how hard balancing can actually be. I always imagine myself rooted like a tree in the ground, letting my body dip naturally to the center of the Earth.

The last few days are a combination of Pilates and core work. I made a mini video of some ab exercises that are typically done in a Pilates sequence and few of my favorites I like to practice regularly. My knees don’t bend too well for some of these, but I’m keeping at it and letting the stretches get deeper and deeper. Improvement is a slow and steady journey.
Hope you all enjoy!
Thanks for reading.


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