Yoga – Yoga to the Core (days 14, 15, 16, &17)

Yes I know, I fell off the yoga wagon this week, but with good reason! I ran the Run like A Diva race in Galveston this past Sunday, so I’ve been taking time to rest, and catch up on fun stuff like laundry. The race was SO MUCH fun! I highly recommend it to any ladies out there looking for a fun half marathon to do. The vibe is amazing, and you get decked out in tiara and boa as you cross the finish line; in addition to a champagne toast, red roses, AND getting your medal placed around your little ol’ neck by some sort of hunk, (think half naked firefighter, and the I’m-wearing-a-tux-but-I-forgot-my-shirt type), as if you’re not wobbly and out of breathe enough right? But I had the best party of one waiting for me at the finish, my hunk. I don’t know what I’d do without my husband cheering me on at all my crazy racing adventures. Thanks babe! It was a great time and a fun weekend vacation. I didn’t set a new PR, but I maintained which I think is a good thing with having 2 or so weeks in between the last race. It’s time for a good rest though!

But back to yoga. I got on it today and I’ll have days 8-13 up soon too! Day 14 was side crow pose, and I’m no where near the side crow posing level I want to be, so I did this sort of crane pose with a side twist variation to work on my obliques.

Day 15 is probably one of my favorite workouts to do for the core, and to help control breathing. When I’m stressed or sometimes feeling out of wack, I like working on my bandha to squeeze out any negative energy I feel in my body, and just let go. This asana is best done seated, but it’s hard to see clearly seated, so I varied it slightly be getting on all fours. Attempting this pose on all fours I think makes it easier to control the abdomen. The goal though is to relax and breathe!! Think of your belly as an ocean and let it flow. This sequence was done much slower, the video is sped up so I don’t drag you through 5 minutes of belly rolling.

Days 16 & 17 I combined into a mini flow. Again, I suck at both. I love how graceful jump backs look, though I am far from that grace at the moment. Practice, practice, patience, practice.

Thanks for reading!


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