Yoga – To-The-Core Challenge ( days 4,5,6 &7)

We spent last week hanging out with my in laws, so blogging took a little break. It renews my spirit to see them, and I wish it was more often, but I will happily take any and all the time we get!
Back to business :), even though blogging took a small break, yoga did not. I had mentioned earlier about my yoga to the core challenge I’ve been following on IG, well today I’ll recap with some videos for days 4-7. As usual some moves are definitely easier for me than others, but practice practice practice.
Day 4 combines a bit of Pilates with locust pose, one of my favorites. Day 5 focused on sides planks with a bit of Pilates again. Day 6..uh, was jump through…I suck at this, but with patience and a willing heart I will get there! Finally day 7, another uhhhhhh, Heron Pose. As a runner my hammies are so tight it’s silly. I took this pose as a blessing to limber me up for this weekend’s upcoming half.

Thanks for reading!!


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