Training – Recovery


This Weekend my husband and I were up in San Antonio so I could run the Alamo 13.1. It’s always a great excuse when you can use a race as an opportunity to getaway for a bit. It was a quick trip, but a nice one, and I kicked major butt (more on that later though).

We basically rolled in late Saturday, I’m usually no fun pre-race cause I can’t drink (boo), eat too much etc etc, it kinda blows, but trust me when I say all that’s pushing me through the last 3 miles of ANY race, is the thought of food. Thoughts like, “oh my God I can’t wait to eat!”‘ or “oooooo what do I want to eat: burgers? tacos? donuts maybe? do they make donut tacos??..” Sad right?

Post race day is like a horrific free-for-all in the food arena, I can’t lie, it gets downright wrong. You’d be surprised at some of the crap I’ve eaten after a race..uh. But for me, that’s the whole glory after a long race: FOOD!!

That being said, afterwards, I really reaaalllllly tried to be good, but hey life’s too short and you have to make all those 5 am’s, tempo runs, hill workouts, blisters, chaffing, dehydration, and early-to-bed-Saturdays-so-I-can-run-distance Sundays worth it right?! Eat and be happy.

The Next day though is a different story. I like to start my day off with an easy, easy jog, usually a mile, and then I spend the rest of the day hitting the mat. Yoga is amazing at helping with post race soreness. Even if you just sit there in lotus for a while, or with your back against the wall and legs straight, it will do wonders! Today I spent most of my day in the studio, it was pure bliss. Physically I felt able to do a lot which is new to me. Usually I’m pretty banged up post race, but I did a lot of things differently this time around and the way I feel today is a direct result of those changes.

Food-wise I like to keep my food colorful and light, and hydrate. It’s completely ok to do absolutely NOTHING after a race, and your body will tell you what it can and can’t do. I always hear my bod out, and today was a go.

I have another half in April, so it’s right back into the swing of things tomorrow. I’m excited to share my race results with you guys this week. Hope you enjoyed the snipits of my recovery day.
Thanks for reading!!


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