Yoga – Back Bending Madness

This month I’ve invited myself to a challenge.


I have to admit my back isn’t as limber as it once was, who am I kidding, I’m not as limber as I once was, but I’m willing to challenge myself to a bit of progress. I know it’s mid month but better late than never, plus this won’t be the end of my back bending journey.

The rest of the month I’ll be attempting to give my back a good stretch, and today I thought some basic bridge work was in order. It feels good to lift yourself from bridge into full wheel pose, and I’m hoping to see some improvement as the days pass on. Hoping. Give this invigorating pose a shot, even if it’s just to mellow out in a nice bridge position, it will feel good in all sorts of places. Open your heart, bend that back, and om with me.
Thanks for reading!


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