Yoga – Cow Face Pose

I have to admit my flexibility is no where near where it use to be, (sigh)…
It’s odd how quickly all that limberness just fades (clearly not with age,) it’s not fair, and with running over the years it just seems to have become worse.
For such a long time I blew my stretching off with running because I just wanted to get out and get it done, and here I am reteaching my body some of the basic fundamentals. It’s a total relearning process, but so worth it.
In running I think a big area that gets ignored are our hip flexors, and especially as a woman runner, I need to, and should have more love for them; they do so much. I’ve been focusing a lot on opening up my hips and Cow Face Pose is one I really enjoy. Don’t let it fool you though, these simple looking poses can often times be the most challenging, but that’s sort of the point. Don’t let it dishearten you if the first few attempts are difficult. It’s all about attempting to and getting into the pose and really finding your own personal edge. Plus the nice arm hook in the back feels wonderful! Show your hips some love this week with a little seated action.
Thanks for reading.


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