Training – The Year of The Race

I’m not a competitive person. I never really have been. I mean I like the occasional friendly match and yea, when I see someone older or younger than me zoom by me on the road, you can bet I kick it up a few notches, but that all out feeling of “I need to win”, not for me. That’s why I run. It’s mostly a solo sport, you don’t have all this pressure from team mates relying on you to bring it home. It’s just you. There’s no rules really, no nauseating feelings of oh my God I’m going to lose; it’s just one-on-one, you and yourself. You have to beat you.

With that though comes stagnation. After you’ve been running for a few years like me you get to this point where you need something to work for, a goal. And while you can set all sorts of goals on your own, it’s nice to see them unfold and happen in a controlled way, which leads me to racing. I’ve done the occasional 5k and halfs here and there, and last year I ran my first official marathon, but it’s time to kick my training up, and with a big goal like Boston on my mind, I need to push it. I run distance all the time, but I want to get fast and I want to beat my old records; for me races are a way to amp up the adrenaline factor and improve my performance, plus you get a free t-shirt and food. Hell yes.
So here’s to my year of the race. I’ve promised myself to run a race a month, one of those new year resolutions things, and so far so good. This past Saturday the husband and I ran the Port Aransas Beach Dash 10k, and what do ya know, running on the sand is pretty tough. I can’t even really call it running it was more like side to side leaping, but a good way to train and add resistance. My quads still burn but it was so much fun, and anyway it’s always a treat when I get to run with my guy on such a beautiful morning. I’m ready for the next one!

Wearing: Bra- Lululemon itty bitty bracer, running pants – Neve top- walmart shoes- Asics Cumulus 14


Hoping to see this pile double at the end of the year.
Thanks for reading!
Get sweaty, xo.


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