Meditations – The Stillness in the Run

During the Winter time, running is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind, really. the cold? nope, getting out of bed is a miracle, let alone changing, dragging myself down stairs, and lacing up. Ew. I remember when I was first getting into running I loved a bad weather day because that meant a no-go, hallelujah! Looking back though I know only hindered myself, duh. I mean don’t get me wrong, if it’s 30 degrees with a windchill of riculousness, or it’s raining like crazy, I’m talking hard, heavy, non-stop pouring rain; I.don’t.Go.Out. I may be dedicated but I’m not stupid.

But, sometimes when I muster up the courage to run through some crap like fog, rain, or cold I feel strong. It makes me feel like I conquered a fear. I pushed through even though I really didn’t want to.

This morning was one of those types; ugly.

It was so foggy, you couldn’t see past a few feet. I sucked it up, and went out, and I’m telling ya each and every time, these ugly runs turn into some of the most beautiful me time. Fears conquered, you focus on the stillness of the run, on the loneliness that feels more peaceful and serene than empty. When everything can be so still in the world it makes so much of the day to day crap just disappear. The fog was eerie, and it empowered me. I became it; a still mind, smooth, fluid, and quiet, and for 60 beautiful minutes, it was pure solitude.

Plus, when it’s foggy out it’s a great excuse to wear all your bright gear and flashy lights, and right when the sun starts to come up covered in dense blanket of fog, you glow.

Thanks for reading!
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