14 Day Slim Down Challenge- (12,13,14) Done & Done

14 days have come and gone so quickly! I have to say this has been an exciting way to push myself to get stronger and faster. I spent the majority of the last days focusing on yoga, especially inversions, and minor weight lifting. I haven’t felt this strong physically and mentally in a long time.

I’m also so incredibly excited to share this news: my mom (I had shared her weight loss story earlier this month), also joined me on this 14 day challenge. She had lost about 30lbs two years ago when I had put her on a fitness program to lose weight for my wedding, she lost and has kept the weight off, but she has bigger goals. She figured the challenge was a good time to start again, and so we did. I monitored her diet, helped her keep track of her workouts, 14 days later she’s lost an additional 8lbs!!! She’s glowing, and I’m so excited for her, this is just the beginning.
With weight work, I like to keep my weight low, and reps high. I spent a lot of time focusing on leg work doing a dead lift type of drop which makes my bum burn, and weighted squats. Gotta get that booty ready for summer! Plus, a stronger butt means faster times.


I do have knee issues, what runner doesn’t, so I always keep in mind to go easy with lifting and focus on my stabilization through the reps. All this leg work though has got me wobbly, so here’s to a Saturday at the beach. Enjoy the day!
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