14 Day Slim Down Challenge – Day 11

It’s hard to believe that this challenge is almost up, but with 3 days left I want to finish strong!
Today was cold, way…way..way too cold for my liking, but ya gotta get to business right? I always like to start my week off with some re-awakening yoga, and after a bit of cardio, I took my practice outside. Running typically is manageable in the cold; yoga, not as much, but I’ve been wanting to really zone in on my focus and revive my body a bit, so I sucked it up.
One of my absolute favorite balancing poses is Eagle’s Pose. If you’re really wanting to start off the week with a strong focus and stretched limbs, give this pose a shot and work on balancing in it. It’s opens up your heart, focuses your breathing and your mind, and gives all the major joints in your body a good stretch.
I sometimes like to deepen this pose by squatting further down, or reaching further above my head to loosen my back. Holding a pose like this for five minutes or more can be an intense and gratifying way to start your week, or simply find a new focus.
Thanks for reading!
Get sweaty.


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