14 Day Slim Down Challenge – Day 4

Day 4! So if you’ve been following on and sharing in this challenge with me, I hope you were able to squeeze in that plyo circuit I shared with you earlier. I’ve set my sights on incorporating that routine at least 3-4 times a week. I busted my butt this morning and I focused on upper body.

I’m not gonna lie, my upper body is weak, pitifully weak. I’ve always been so focused on my legs and abs that I’ve sort of blown off my upper body.

Yoga has been an amazing tool to help me gain the kind of strength I’m looking for; long, lean, and defined muscle. I still have as long, looooong, long way to go, but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Two of my favorite upper body strengtheningΒ poses are:

One-Legged-Four-Limbed-Staff Pose
I feel incredibly powerful and peaceful in this pose, although it’s hard to keep a straight face when my husband is trying his hardest to make me laugh!
Attempting to move into my lift without laughing..didn’t happen.
Side Plank Pose
This pose really helps me focus my mind and balance. I love the lengthening feel through my fingertips.
Give these poses a shot! If you’re wanting to buildup some upper body strength before attempting these, try some wall push-ups and/or modified push-ups on the ground. You’ll be surprise at how quickly your strength will grow. Trust me, I was queen of the wobbly arms for awhile.
Thanks for reading!
Get Sweaty.


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