14 Day Slim Down Challenge – Day 3

Eat crap, feel like crap. I’ve come to accept this as the cardinal rule for performance. When I eat poorly my runs suffer, and when you’re in the midst of training, it’ll just hold you back. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am no saint when it comes to eating clean. I’m from Texas y’all, sweet tea and chocolate sheet cake are Sunday staples, but I have to space out these indulgences and keep focused. It’s hard, I know, but whipping up yummy fruit and granola bowls like this make skipping out on the chocolate cake not so bad. Not sooooo bad.

After a long morning of cardio, I like to fill up on this super fruity, antioxidant powerhouse of deliciousness. It’s easy to throw together and will keep you full.

The line up: Greek yogurt, fresh fruit of your choice I really enjoy strawberries, blackberries and blueberries for a trifecta of antioxidants, honey, almonds, and granola. Sometimes I like to throw in a little flaxseed.







Easy. Quick refuel to keep you full till lunch time! Get sweaty! XO MN


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