14 Day Slim Down Challenge – Day #2

Happy Super Bowl Sunday friends! I am onto day 2 of this exciting challenge. Sundays are usually my long run days, but I also like to dedicate Sundays to peace, quiet, and meditation. Sometimes I think that the mind is often overlooked when it comes to strengthening our bodies.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from running some serious distance alone, it’s that mental strength is all you have to push through. It’s our mind that will make or break us in a tough situation. Mediation has become a way for me to deal with stress, and a time sharpen my focus. The peace and quiet gives me the opportunity to appreciate my body and give thanks for what it has and continues to do for me Β everyday. So allow yourself one day a week for peace and mediation. A strong mind will yield a strong body.
Thanks for reading!
Get sweaty.


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