Monday Motivation

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Mondays are always met with resistance, resentment, and despair. I don’t blame most people for feeling that way, it is Monday. But, I’ve come to sort of embrace that particular day. To me, it’s become an opportunity to start again, to make up for whatever cracks we fell through, get our shit together!

We all have weekends where “cheat day” turned into cheat weekend, or drinks with the girls led to middle of the night Taco Bell, brunch burritos, and not moving a single inch all day long. Been there, done that, and it sucks. It’s so easy to spiral out of control, to feel bad and punish ourselves after falling off the wagon, but what’s life without these kind of memorable weekends?!

So many times we beat ourselves down with these sort of mistakes we make especially when we are trying to lose weight, get in shape, or just feel healthier. I get it. I really do. We wake up on Monday already kind of off-balance and not feeling it, annnnd there goes the week. The way I see Monday though, or really any day-after for that matter, is as another chance. My mantra to make any Monday (or day-after) better:

1. You’re awake. how awesome is that?!

2. Reasses the situation (whether that be the weekend, the day before, or breakfast), think about how you didn’t like the way doing/eating made you feel.

3. Stay the course. So what you ate a horrible breakfast, eat a better lunch, and an even better dinner. Don’t let one mistake ruin your whole day. DONT let that echo spread into your entire year.

4. Move Forward.

The next time you have a crazy weekend, or you slip up here and there, just remember you’re the captain of your vessel, look at your situation and make better choices. You don’t have to wait till next week, or next month, just say to yourself:

Self, I forgive you, but that sucked, get it together, onward.

I hope that helps you feel better, next time you’re feeling ehh about anything really.

Today’s outfit proved to be an easy day-to-nighter. Mondays for me are always busy. I pretty much roll out of bed with my running shoes on, so I need something that moves comfortably and effortlessly with my body.  This look put a pep in step with a hint of glam to balance out the not so glamorous parts of the day.

Outfit Details: Top- Cotton On Bottoms- F21 Shoes- Nike ID Purse- Stella & Dot Necklace- Stella & Dot Sunnies- Karen Walker

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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