In The Kitchen – My Go-To Smoothie

I am a smoothie junkie. Seriously. It’s just my thing, especially post run. I kind of fell in love with the whole smoothie thing after my mother-in-law (my other mom) got us a Ninja, it’s everything. I’m like smoothies and piña coladas?! Yes please!
I pretty much make smoothies everyday, and while I know there are a gazillion different recipes you can blenderize, I think I make some pretty bomb smoothies.

Drinking smoothies can have several goals, and I have a few I like to make depending on the kind of balance I need, BUT, ultimately the main goal of smoothie drinkin’ is calorie cutting and nutrient boosting, so we want to avoid consuming an obscene amount of calories..because let’s face it, we’ve all ordered that peanut butter chocolate concoction from Jamba and felt guilty for the poor decision immediately after slurping down all of it. It’s rude I know. So I try to keep my smoothies on the clean side. Try.

This recipe is one I make daily. It’s fruity and has a lot of grain which I need especially after a long run. It gives me energy, helps cool my body down after a good workout, and keeps me satisfied.
The line up:

1 cup Silk light soy milk,

1/4 cup strawberry banana Kefir (or plain Greek yogurt)

1 frozen banana (the one pictured obviously isn’t frozen, but frozen bananas don’t photograph well)

1/2 cup rolled oats

1 cup strawberries

1 tbsp flaxseed

1 tbsp honey

Sprinkle Goji berry powder (optional).

Throw it all into a blender. Done!

hope you enjoy!



Workout gear: top- Old Navy, bottoms- Under Armour, shoes- Asics

image image image



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