New Year, New Me..Well, Sorta

Change, it’s inevitable, and I’m perfectly ok with that. That’s sort of the point right? To grow,  to move forward into the direction that makes you happy? Recently, this whole issue came up when my husband and I were in Sedona this past Christmas. I was asked a seemingly simple, yet incredibly hard question to answer, “what do you want to do with your life? you know those HUGE things you want to conquer, and for a moment forget money and time don’t matter..” It’s a messed up question right? Especially, when you’re like, uhh, hmmm..

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m doing stuff, and crossing stuff off the ole’ list, but how much of what I’m doing is a means to that BIG picture, to those BIGGER dreams. For so long, I just kind of assumed a lot of what I dreamed about was too big, too far out of reach, or too complicated, but since mulling over this question, literally since I’ve been back home, I’ve come to realize the one thing standing in the way of all of it is me. I know cliché, but it’s true! So this is my attempt at taking on those bigger dreams, and challenging myself to take baby steps in that direction. It’s an effort to hold myself accountable because you have to start somewhere.

Step 1.

 I’ve been blogging for a while now, and like much of my life, it’s changed. I started off like any dreamy-eyed, shopaholic female would, talking fashion and sharing my personal style; things that to me, came easy and naturally. And while fashion will always be an expressive part of my life, and fun (duh) I thought it was time to share a part of my life I’ve become far more passionate about; fitness.

Nothing makes me happier than a 4:30 AM 10 miler, but it wasn’t always like that, and trust me every single day is a challenge.

 I get a lot of questions from readers, friends, family, on what do you do, what is your routine? or from those that knew me before, how did you do it?! And the truth is, I wasn’t always like this, and I’m not finished, there is still a lot of work to be done, and to maintain. But I’m ready to push myself, to run faster, get stronger, get better, and more importantly it’s time I give back, because if there is one thing I’ve learned about myself, it’s that my happiness comes from helping others. 10 years in the dental field will show you how good it feels to make someone feel better.

A part of this big dream of mine is sharing my journey, and hoping that it helps people. Something I was hesitant to do because, who was I to have an opinion or say on the subject, I have no street cred in the world of fitness; but I have realized that.doesn’t.matter.

I did it.

No gym, no support, just a drive to change my life. I was fat, I didn’t like myself, and I wanted so badly to be different that one day I just woke up, and decided, I’m done.

So the story goes; I walked, I ran and 80lbs and five years later I’m addicted to fitness and ready to share my story, tips, and tricks to help others, even if it’s just for encouragement. If someone can come to my blog and find support or motivation to push on, then that is all I need. To know that my journey to improve myself, helps others to feel better and get better; that is a dream come true.

Here’s to new beginnings, holding myself accountable to getting better, and helping, if I can, anyone  that wants to do the same. I hope you’ll share in this journey, with all the travels (husband and I are adventure junkies), trials and triumphs along the way, and that it brings you happiness, or at least some positivity to your life.

Hey look at me before, and in the mid-way point of 40lbs down! I know embarrassing, but trust me there were worse ones, I’m just not that brave haha.

Thanks for reading!



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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Me..Well, Sorta

  1. Allie Brimblecom says:

    Amazing! You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Thanks for sharing your story. Love reading your blog and all about your fashion, DIY pieces, and adventures. This is only the beginning for you!

    • mannuellanadine says:

      Thank you so much sweet friend! It means the world to me, it really really does! So grateful for your love and support! I enjoy reading your blog always, it is wonderful!! Xoxo can’t wait to meet up sometime!!

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