Currently Wearing- Shorts in Winter?

Well HELLO! I finally got from under the pile of wrapping paper, glitter, sugar cookies, and hot glue I’ve been living under all month-long, just kidding I’m still living under it but slowly coming back to reality, haha! This is my absolute favorite time of year though, so I can’t complain too much. BUT, Jeeze has this month blown by or what? I’ve been trying to get my wits about me since coming back from Holiday during Thanksgiving. It has literally been one event after another, and we’re off to see family and the Grand Canyon this Saturday, so no rest for suitcase life, but I love it.

December  for me, is always a good time to slow down, spend more time with friends and family, fit in way more “yes’s” to things, and cleansing my life of all sorts of junk. So, it’s a different kind of busy, the type that I embrace fully.

The weather has been pretty crazy here too. One day it’s 30 degrees, and then it’s Thursday and 80 degrees; crazy-ness. These past few days have been so gray, cold and wet, that a day like today was a sun filled blessing. I don’t know how you cold weather people do it. 

Today shorts were in order. Enough said. 


top & blazer – f21

shorts & shoes- zara (BIG SALE TONIGHT)

purse & necklace– Stella and Dot

sunnies- Karen Walker




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