I’m Back


It feels so good to be home!! My husband and I had an amazing vacation and seriously, we couldn’t have asked for more, it was magical. Packing up and leaving a beautiful country is always bittersweet and hard to do, but man, it’s so nice to sleep in your own bed. Plus, we missed our little fur baby so much, his snuggles definitely were missed. I plan on getting pictures up of Spain sometime this week, so keep your eyes peeled, there’s just TONS, so I have my work cut out for me.

Also, if you follow me on IG or FB I know you’ve probably heard this before, but THANK YOU. A million times thank you thank you to all of you who read and follow my little ol blog. You guys are a blessing, and though I wasn’t here to give thanks on Thanksgiving, please know you are all so incredibly appreciated. You keep me going, YOU motivate me to always be my best, each and every one of you. MUAH. (that’s a big fat kiss from me to you)

On to Monday. I know, yuck, but sometimes I like to look at Mondays like a fresh start. It’s like the mini New Year of each week. A time to get back on the horse, if ya fell off over the weekend or midweek somewhere, and march on through. Monday to me comes with peace of mind that you can always start again.

I’m not gonna lie though, today wasn’t one of my prettiest days, jet lag isn’t flattering but eh, whatever. Nothing some big sunnies, baggy clothes, and bright colors can’t hide. Today was a day for boyfriend blazers and boyfriend jeans, cut for your dude, but totally all lady. Clothes like this are made for days when you’re not feeling your best, just the perfect amount of figure hugging and hiding.  So with my puffy face and sleepy eyes, I tackled today head on feeling comfy and colorful.

Thanks for reading! XO


Wearing: Top- Old Navy Blazer- thrifted Purse- Stella & Dot Jeans- F21 

shoes-  Zara (sold out) similar here Necklace- Stella & Dot











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