Currently Wearing – Crop Sets in November


Happy November! Can’t believe it’s here, but it is, and I gotta say it makes me super excited. November is my favorite time of year because it means family, lots of food, holiday shopping, food, pumpkin pie, our anniversary, and food! It’s the time of  year I have Billy Holiday on repeat, and there’s always something baking in the oven. I am excited!

As usual down South, the temps stay pretty warm around here till about late December, so I will be taking advantage of every ounce of warmth we get. The shorts and skirts aren’t goin’ anywhere! I fell in love with this crop set from Sashay Boutique.  It’s absolutely perfect for this time of year down here, and the Art Deco pattern is gorgeous. The material is actually a wool type poly blend, so it’s thick and warm. A great set to transition into these cooler days  without giving up my love for warm weather clothing. 

Thanks for reading!



Details: Crop Set- Sashay Boutique, Bracelet- Stella & Dot, Shoes- Jessica Simpson Claudette







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