DIY- Shirt to Mini Skirt


shirttoskirt (2)

When it comes to DIY’ing, like most things in my life, I prefer to keep it simple, but doing that can be a lot harder than it looks.  I know from personal experience how difficult some projects can be, and in particular how expensive materials can cost. This can make diy’ing an unattractive option, duh. 

So, when I can I opt to recycle rather than buy new material.  One great trick I’ve learned along the way, is this easy how-to for a “shirt to skirt” , or my favorite, a mini.

shirttoskirt3 (2)

You’ll Need: an old blouse, preferably no buttons/zips/etc. it just needs to be a blouse made out of a decent material you’ll be happy with as a skirt, and it needs to be large enough to cover your rump. Think a blouse that’s more boxy and loose as opposed to a fitted type. Since I have wide hips and a tush, I went with a size large and the material was chiffon. You’ll also need pins, sewing machine, measuring tape, elastic and scissors.

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Here’s a close up of my blouse so you can get an idea of the shape. First you’ll need to lay your shirt out flat. Cut across the top and lop off the neck area, this will also cut into the shoulders which is fine, you’re basically creating the skirt opening. Now, cut off the sleeves, but do NOT cut open the sides. When you cut off the sleeves you are going to want to cut in a A-line pattern towards the top. Be careful not to cut too narrowly.

Once this is done you have your skirt, all you have to do is add the elastic. Fold the material inside out and fold over the top hem. Make the hem wide enough for your size of elastic to fit through. Pin this hem down and sew it, leaving a small opening to pull your elastic through. Measure your elastic to fit at your waist or hips whichever you prefer, and using a large safety pin, run it through that hem you just made. Sew the elastic ends together, and then close up the hem. As far as the length goes you can keep it as it is, or cut it shorter it’s all just personal preference.

 I cut off quite a bit of mine to show off them 5’3 and half-ish” legs but do what you prefer. If you do cut, make sure to sew a nice hem to keep your material from fraying.

*NOTE: it may be necessary to tuck a little of the material in on the sides if you notice it poofs out a bit. You do this by turning the skirt inside out and sewing in the sides a bit more to hug your hips. This will just depend on how much your hips flare out and if you mind the extra material at the sides.

That’s it! Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for reading.



Outfit Details:

shoes- ASOS, top-vintage, skirt- DIY, purse- Stella&Dot  sunnies- Karen Walker Number One

howtoshirttoskirt  shirttoskirt2 (2)

shirttoskirt12 (2)


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