DIY- Mesh Skirt

meshskirt6 (2)

I’ve been eye-ballin’ mesh ever since I saw the oh so gorgeous Cara Delevingne rock the sporty chic look in DKNY’s 2012 campaign here.

It’s one of those materials that at times can come off a bit raunchy, and too 80’s, but I think with the right combination of materials, and a low key vibe, it can look really put together. 

I knew I wanted to incorporate mesh in a way that would be easy to do as a DIY, and not overwhelm the entire look I was going for. I opted to use an old heathered gray pencil  skirt I had to keep with that sporty, casual feel.

meshskirt9 (2)

(It’s super windy here you guys; every. single. day. The hair, always in my face.)

This DIY is easy, and literally can be done in 10 minutes.

You’ll need: an old pencil skirt (cotton), a piece of mesh the same length as the bottom of  your skirt, scissors, pins, and a sewing machine.

Simply flip your skirt inside out, lop off the bottom portion of it, you can go as short as you feel comfortable with. Fold over the hem of the skirt, and place the top portion of your mesh on top of this folded hem. Pin in place. You may want to double over the mesh to avoid ripping in the future, just a suggestion. Once it’s all pinned in place, sew it down. Cut the bottom of the mesh to the length you want the skirt to be, and that’s it! Hope ya’ll enjoy!



outfit details

Top- target, shoes- asos, skirt- diy hat- target

meshskirt7 (2)

meshskirt10 (2) meshskirt13 (2)


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