DIY- Tartan Two Piece

 tartantwopiece9 (2)

The Tartan Two Piece, pretty much three of my favorite things all brought together; crops, suits, Fall. This season, plaid, flannel, tartan is everywhere, it’s just one of those seasonal right of passages, ya have to do it.  Plus, there’s something so quintessentially preppy about it (think Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Burberry etc.)  that I love, though I’m sure Catholic school children everywhere are cringing at the sight of this print. It’s nice though, and it’s Fall, so bring it on.

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As usual though, I was bound to DIY. So, I got to thrifting and found an amazing all over Tartan print dress for about $3 at Goodwill, It was perfect for what I wanted to make so I got to it. I knew I wanted to do a two piece outfit, one where I could easily use the skirt and top with other items later on this season.

You’ll Need: A tartan (plaid, flannel, whatever ya like) dress, search high and low at your local thrift shops, they’re usually stocked in this print towards the Fall season, a zipper, pins, scissors, and sewing machine.

tartantwopiece4 (2)

Lay out your dress, make sure that it doesn’t have any zippers, they can be tricky to remove and re-attach, especially if you’re fairly new to all this sewing stuff. My dress had buttons all the way down, which is a bit more workable. Once laid flat, I sort of eyeballed my crop point and cut straight across. I kept in mind that I would be hemming, so don’t go too short.

tartantwopiece (2)

Once cut, you’ll have two separate pieces. Fold over the hem of the crop, pin in place and sew. You’ll do the same to the skirt part only after you attach the zipper. The bottom will need a zipper in order to take the skirt on and off.

tartantwopiece2 (2)

tartantwopiece3 (2)

After both hems are sewn and zipper is sewn that’s it! I removed the sleeves on my dress because I felt the print looked too overwhelming for my size. I did like them though, oh well! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, ask!!




4 thoughts on “DIY- Tartan Two Piece

  1. Kenny says:

    Hey, now there’s plenty tartan here in Scotland, so…I think you should come and see for yourself 🙂 PS. Love this look.

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