Basics- The Silk White Button Down

The silk white button-down, my wardrobe staple. It ranks pretty high in my wardrobe along with my favorite white tee, my black stiletto strappies, and my favorite pair of jeans. It’s one of those things  you’ll see me wear a million times, season after season. If I could, I’d wear this top everyday, because it goes with EVERYTHING.

I’ll definitely shell out a little more cash for items like these, because I’ll wear them to threads, literally. Zero buyer’s remorse from these items. If you’re looking to add a basic, go-with-everything-top like this, three of my favorites are this dainty number from JCrew Factory (mine), this other one from JCrew , and this one from Madewell.

 Sometimes, it’s good focusing on building the basics in your wardrobe. They help beat that feeling of never having anything to wear, which we all know, sucks big ones. Hope this helps, and happy shopping!

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