DIY- Jumpsuit

Rompers are like the equivalent to comfort food in the world of fashion. I love them, and quite frankly doubt I’ll ever tire of wearing these things. I’ve seen a few of these pant suit type rompers floating around tons of magazines this season, and I knew I was bound to make one. I figured I’d skip making a short version since we’re so close to the brink of season switchover, (hello Vogue September issue), hence this little silky-blend jumpsuit number.

When I see trends like this, you guys know I’m gonna DIY it, simply because more than likely I’ll wear it a handful of times, and move on. I really don’t like investing in trends if I can help it. I’m all about a good challenge to make it myself, and keep my investing for the classics.

For this quick DIY, I went with an all over checkered print. This season we’ll be seeing lots of windowpane, houdstooth, and checkers, so why not follow suit?

 I’m pretty petite in the size department, making head-to-toe print a comfortable option. If you feel that going full on with a print doesn’t compliment  your figure, try rocking a solid color. Plus solid colors translate well seasonally, so you’ll get away with more time to wear it. I paired my romper with my favorite strappy sandals to give it a classy vibe and finished the look with a waist belt and a statement necklace. A boyfriend blazer and ankle booties will take this look easily into Fall.

Yea, it’s a little on the bold side, but sometimes I need a little boldness in my life.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!




wardrobe details: romper- DIY, Clutch- Threads, necklace (with matching bracelet as extender)- Stella & Dot Bangles- Stella & Dot, Cuff- Gap Belt- WalMart


You’ll Need: scissors, material of your choice, I used a silky feeling polyester blend, pins, sewing machine, elastic, a pair of pants that fit you comfortably to use as a pattern.

1. Lay out your material and fold in half, fold your pants in half. When folded the material should fit the pants length wise and width wise, and should go over top of the pant. In other words imagine a very long tube top is attached to the top of your pants.

2. Pin the pants in place and cut out, follow the image of a tube top all the way up. It’s going to look big, that’s ok

3. Now fold your pants opposite of the way you started, pin in place on the newly folded material, and cut.

4. You should have two pieces now, that look like really long pants.

5. Pin and sew the two pieces together, starting at the crotch, do this to ensure the most even fit.

6. Sew the entire thing together. So you should have this enormous jumpsuit looking thing.

7. At the top, fold over some of the top material, it should be folded over wide enough to fit your elastic through.

8. Once this top piece is folder over, sew it in place, make sure your material is turned inside out!!

9. Now you should have this tube at the top, cut a small little slit and using a safety pin, pull your elastic through it. It may take some time, but once pulled through sew your elastic shut.

9. Make sure your pant legs are even, and hem up if you want.

If you find your waist is too loose and big, even when cinched back with a belt, you can add a piece of elastic to the waist area by turning it inside out gathering some of the material at the waist, preferably on the back side, pinning your elastic and sewing in place. As you sew this piece of elastic in place, make sure to pull at it tiny bit as you sew to ensure the elastic stays, elastic-y.


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