DIY- The Crop Top

This DIY is nothing new, and pretty self explanatory, but I’d figure I should better get a go at making a few before it gets too cool to wear them comfortably around here. This has pretty much been a uniform of mine for these hot summer days.

Crop tops are EVERYWHERE. I’ve seen every style but I’ve rounded up a few of my absolute favorites. I’m not into showing too much belly if I can help it, so high waisted skirts and pants are my go-tos for styling this look.
I liked the appearance of a regular top with just a bit of crop, so I went to thrift store browsed around, and found a  velvety leopard top I fell in love with. Perfectly cropable for my picky crop style. haha
(totally going to crop some oxfords/button downs and a long sleeve, absolutely a must-do. They’ll be joining the closet soon!)

 You’ll Need: a top to crop, some scissors, and needle and thread if you care to finish your hem. I didn’t
Try on your top. Find the length you want to chop away at, place a pin, and cut straight across. Ta-daa. Nothing to it.
What’s your favorite way to style the crop?

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