DIY: The Sleeveless Oxford

Sometimes a DIY can be so incredibly simple, like this sleeveless oxford. I’ve been eyeing this top all Summer long, so I figured I’d better get it done. Perfect for dressing up casual pieces without sweating yourself out in long sleeves. Plus I think it’s a great transitional piece into fall, throw on a light weight cardigan or a blazer and it’s perfect to wear for cooler nights.

The steps are pretty self explanatory,  but I have some photos to help you along the way. I purchased my oxford at a thrift shop for $1.

You’ll need: an old oxford, pins, needle and thread or a sewing machine, seam ripper (or scissors)

1. Using a seam ripper, go along the seams of the shoulder and cut the threads. It can be a little tedious, but slow and steady wins the race. Word of caution, if you’ve never used one of these before, be careful, they are incredibly sharp, also you can use scissors, you just have to be more careful as you cut as to not cut the material itself.

2. Once all the seams are opened, clean off all the thread, you don’t want any of those to get caught up in your new hem. Note: the part where the side seam meets the under arm will be a bit harder to un-do, keep at it, it’ll come off you just have more seam to get through.

3. Pin you new hem in place, I like to let the material fold naturally on itself. Once pinned, sew in place and iron flat. Done and done. Enjoy!!


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