DIY- The Sheer Blouse

The Sheer Blouse. Okay, okay, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend wearing something see through is the most comfortable, sanest thing I’ve ever done, but all in the name of fashion right?? Plus there’s something, undeniably sexy and couture about this combo. Sure it’s kind of expose- ish, but throw on high waisted pants or shorts, a boyfriend blazer, and you’re bound to look tres chic.

Sheer touches have been everywhere on the runway, and it’s a bold move taking it to the streets. Done just right though, can prove to be fun and pulled together. I think you can show as much as you’re comfortable with, a bralette, silk cami, stretch cami, bustier, tube top, etc. but never, by any means, go full on nip, I think that should be left for where the art belongs, on the runway, or for a very large sum of money. (kidding)  Try your hand at this simple DIY during the week, or prepare yourself for a crafter-noon on Sunday. It’s a bold fashion staple that I promise you, you’ll be taking out of your closet to flaunt more than once.
Inspiration found here, here and here
This DIY is easy, the sewing part requires a little more focus, but for the most part, easy is the name of the game. I do recommend using Organza. Something about the quality of the material gives this look a not so trashy vibe, and a gauzy like coverage I’m digging.
You’ll Need:
at least a yard of organza, there’s like a billion colors. I picked mine up at Jo-Anns
matching thread
sewing machine
a loose fitting tank that you’d use as a pattern.
Lay out your material and fold it over in half ,  fold your pattern in half and lay your it against the fold and pin in place. Carefully cut along the pattern. You now have either the front or back of the top depending on which way you folded the top in half.

Now fold your material again, and fold your pattern in half the opposite way of the first way you folded it. Pin and cut. You should have two pieces of a top, the front and back. ***As a rule of thumb with dainty materials like these. Always cut them a bit bigger than your true size. No zippers or buttons means it has to slip on and off. You can always make something smaller, it’s much more difficult to add material.

With the two pieces now cut, sew them together. BUT, when you sew them together to make a seam, fold it over twice, this will ensure that the material doesn’t fray over time. If you have a fancy-shmancy sewing machine, it probably has a special foot setting for these types of materials that makes it stupid easy. I don’t. I lay the two ends of the pieces on top of one another, and then I fold them over twice. Makes for a more pronounced seam, but I don’t mind.
Enjoy!! If you have questions, ask away.

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