Travelogue – Honeymoon In the Dominican Republic

Happy New Year everyone! Well we are back from our travels. What an incredible honeymoon!! I must warn you this post is filled with pics.

Brad and I spent our vacay in the Dominican Republic exploring most of the Atlantic coast side.


Ke Lo Ke“, or what’s the happening? By the end of our trip, my Spanish improved 90%, I learned more of a Caribe style Spanish, I brushed up on my Castilian Spanish, and for the first time ever used my French.

If you are going to the DR at any time in your life. The three things you must do: stay at the Melia (it’s worth every penny), ask for a cab to Higuey and ask for Santo, go to Macao Beach.

We started off our trip in H-town. Brad spoiled me at the Omni and took me to the galleria. I drooled over everything, window shopped till my heart’s desire, and we headed in for an early flight the next day. The DR is insanely gorgeous. Even it’s airport makes you go oooohh ahhhhhhh. Brad and I tend to always take the off beaten path when it comes to travel, so I hope this helps you make a good vacation out of the Dominican if you ever plan to go. We tend to stay at multiple hotels when we travel, it forces us to experience the country. Our favorite resort here is the Melia. Their service is incredible, peacocks, flamingos, and all sorts of wildlife roam the grounds. It’s so big they taxi you wherever you need to go via train or golf cart. You are steps away from the exclusive Paradisus..look at their lobby..and take a mental picture.

Make sure to go to Higuey, the Basilica is located here. It is a must see! On your way to Higuey ask for Santo to take you, everyone knows this guy there it’s nuts…he will take you on the most amazing tour of the country you can imagine.

Ask him anything, and he will show you and educate you..but brush up on your Spanish as most of the people don’t know English too too well. If you are a resort bum you are in luck. Most of the staff speak 5-6 different languages so you’re safe. If you want to know about anything and everything that grows there he’ll show you and he’ll tell you the bazillion ways you can cook a banana. I had no idea that they even make a sort of flour out of banana. Wow..

He took us to this old lady’s shack, I’m not exaggerating, but she and her son literally live off the land. It was amazing to see her home. We were able to see her different plants, and see how she makes everything she grows into something she can use. She makes cooking oil out of cocoa, enough said.

Ask Santo for seafood and he’ll take you to a shack down off Macao beach, at the far end of the beach, it’s a long walk be prepared. Make sure to order the lobster. I have traveled all over the East Coast, literally trying lobster in Boston, NY, Maine, Mass, Conn. etc etc. and nothing has even come close to how incredibly delicious this lobster was. When I was 17 my dad took my family on this east coast road trip, the sole purpose was to try lobster…my dad is huge food buff, he wanted east coast lobster…I only wish I could have brought some home for him to try. o my goodness. They cut the lobster in half and cooked it on an open flame, served it with a side of bananas fries..and it was pure heaven. Apparently they catch the lobsters using baskets that they weave together with coconut palms using onions as bait. They let the baskets sit out in the ocean for 5 days and when they pull them up voila..dinner.

If you want fish. Stop by the shack that you see when you first get there. Order the red snapper. The one thing I regret is not taking a picture of this meal. It was amazing. Brad and I sat there on the sand eating a whole red snapper cooked with the most delicious spices, a side of banana/potato slices, and fresh coconut water. It was one of those moments where we were just like wow, seriously this is happening. We felt so free.

If you are gonna do any touristy like trips. Do the shark swim. I pouted at first, I hate sharks..but Brad always helps me to find strength and courage. We did it, I did it. It was a good way to start the new year. I respect sharks a lot, really the ocean and diving/snorkeling for that matter, and even in a “safe” environment, you must keep a nice, safe, respectful distance. They do bite.

If offshore fishing is your thing. Be prepared for 6-8 foot swells. Luckily we have our sea legs, but most of the other people we went with didn’t. Try the Caribbean side for fishing if you can’t handle the seas. Marlin and Mahi Mahi are top catch in December.

It was such an amazing honeymoon. We learned so much. But when we travel that’s our goal. To do the unusual, and immerse ourselves in the country.

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our lobster dinner on the beach


We were able to hold this large female manta-ray.

Booze Cruise

Punta Cana Sunset

yes, sharks..We swam with them. Brad is fearless..I am not, but I did it and I’m happy for it. I feel stronger. I choked up a bit when one glided past my tummy. Here they were getting a bit worked up with having a camera put in their face.

A nice family from Boston..the ONLY other Americans we met over our trip took this photo for us after shark swimming.

New Year’s Eve and our last day there.

Happy 2012!!

After our red snapper dinner on macao beach. Seriously some of the best fish i have ever had! Working my Chanel 5108 look a likes. I am obsessed with these specs. I can’t afford the real deal so I found some look a likes on LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I’m crazy about the half tint.

after rippin it in macao

So pretty much like zero Americans go to the DR. We were but a lonely few. The Micro Thong Bikini is the thing of the Europeans. I never saw so much butt cheek in my life, boy and girl cheek. So when in Rome..right?? Yes I wore one, a modest one though…modest, not micro

Basilica in Higuey.

To catch dinner, locals go out on boats or throw on flippers and a mask and head out with spears

The locals know what’s up. It’s party time all month long.

Brad making friends.

Macao Beach

getting ready to roll

sums up our trip

Probably one of the lushest place we’ve been

mid-day rain shower we got caught in.

coco locos…and I thought pina coladas were amazing.

eating dessert like this on a more than once occasion..will show itself any day now, some where I’m thinking, around my butt/thigh area.

we salsa-ed and salsa-ed some more. My husband, surprised me, he has moves!

yes, we fed him while he watched us eat breakfast

not knowing santa was about to scare the crap out of me.




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